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Friends of Reston Hosts Storytelling Night

A few weeks ago, Friends of Reston once again hosted a night of true, personal storytelling led by Northern Virginia storytelling troupe Better Said Than Done.

Not only do these storytelling shows - this one was the 9th at Nature House - make for an entertaining evening for a grown-up audience, but they serve as a fundraiser for Friends of Reston, with all ticket and food sales benefiting the Friends. It's a fun way to raise money and this night was no exception, raising nearly $600 for Friends of Reston, which, to put in perspective, is almost enough to Adopt-A-Bike-Rack ($750) or a little more than is needed to provide one summer camp scholarship ($450).

Katie Shaw, Friends of Reston Executive Director, started the night with a few words about the Friends of Reston, Walker Nature Education Center and, of course, the official bird of Reston, Walker the Woodpecker.

Carol Nahorniak then discussed the recently completed original art of our Pileated Woodpecker created by local artist Dana Scheurer. A limited number of the prints are available for purchase for $125. Please contact Katie if you are interested in buying one of these beautiful renditions of the official bird of Reston.

Jessica Robinson, President of Friends of Reston and Founder of Better Said Than Done, then put on her storytelling hat and introduced the lineup of storytellers. The theme of the night's show was "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire." Each of the eight performers shared a true personal story that simmered and smoked and occassionally burst into flames.

Thanks to all who volunteered at the storytelling show as well as the storytellers of Better Said Than Done for making it another successful and fun fundraiser!

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